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5 Crown Contracting

Let's introduce you to the new face of spraying and harvest contracting!

An exciting era where we have introduced a new business manager Gordon Gardner who will be working with us as we begin trading under the company entity 5 Crown Contracting Pty Ltd.

Cordon bunch removal services and harvesting services will be transitioned to the new company from the 2021 Season.

As you know 5 Crown is the goal every dried fruit grower is trying to achieve and here in Sunraysia where the weather is mostly ideal we have an excellent chance to achieve it.  However contracting services can also have a impact on this outcome and Trigg Industries has always strived to do the customer proud and offer every chance to achieve this dream, using state of the art equipment that they have innovatively designed and built as well as offering advice where needed on how to achieve this.  This quality service is going to continue, just now it will be with a new name, 5 Crown Contracting.

Trigg Industries will always be there in the background offering support where needed under this transition of managment and we hope you will support us moving forward and continue supporting the innovative advancement of dried fruit production in the region.

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