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Contracting Services - Swing Arm Trellis

Now trading under 5 Crown Contracting - but here is how we have started out servicing the many dried fruit "blockies" of Mildura and surrounding regions.

Rodney Trigg comes from a 4th generation farming family and takes pride in supporting best farm practice techniques that ensure farms are sustainable, and with this in mind has grown his own dried fruit property into a working example of using these systems to their full extent through a contracting service that provides high quality results with the following services:

  • Cordon bunch removal

  • Leaf removal for better drying results

  • Mechanical cane cutting

  • Wetting

  • Fast 3 in 1 leaf removal, cutting and wetting for fast drying in minimal turnaround time (really important when weather is an issue)

  • Harvesting with Shaw Swing Arm trellis precision, maximum fruit with minimal trash or MOG (material other than grapes)

Korvan Harvester in Action

Korvan Harvester in Action

Trigg Industries uses Korvan harvesters which are modified to suit the Shaw swing arm trellis system. They are fitted with MOG (material other than grapes) removal systems and have been constantly improved over the years by Rodney Trigg.

Contract Wetting

Contract Wetting

Dried fruit wetting can also be done with two other processes included, leaf removal and cane cutting.

Rodney and Kim Trigg

Rodney and Kim Trigg

Traditionally coming from a dairy and potato farm in the Ballarat region, Rodney now makes his living from growing grapes , and providing engineering and contracting services specially designed for the dried the dried fruit industry.

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