VICEBITE fence brackets

Vicebite fence brackets is the creation of Rodney and Kim Trigg, and came about through the re-development of their own vineyard, realising the time it takes to install multiple fence end assemblies and the importance of a structurally sound support that will hold up to heavy yields and mechanisation.

It was noticable that mechanical harvesters were knocking out stay posts which then caused an ongoing maintenance issue within vineyards so this is where the built in double teeth design was born.  No relying on nails and screws and the ability to use the wire cross support as the mechanisim for pressing the brackets into the timber fence post ensure a solid fencing brace that won't fail, even in the harshest of conditions. 


Vicebite can be used for both angle and box end fence assemblies, are available through good rural farm supply stores and you can find more information, installation video's and photo's at

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