Dried Vine Fruit Production

Dried Vine Fruit production is where it all started for Trigg Industries and through refining better farming practices, whether it be tweaking a trellis design, vineyard layout and management advice, or improving the machinery and equipment that is being utilised by the industry, we have not only been successful in growing high quality and productive sultana and sun muscat varieties but assisting our customers to do the same. 

We have supplied fruit for both Sunbeam and Australian Premium Dried Fruits for nearly 20 years with consistent yields and high grades and we hope to have our customers doing the same.

We offer sound advice to get your property producing good returns whilst maximising the mechanised systems to reduce labour intensity.

Looking forward we will be investing in gaining more knowledge around soil health and reducing chemical fertiliser reliance within the vineyard through enhanced plant health techniques and trialling these changes so that it may be implemented by our customers.  With ever changing environmental challenges and a need for higher quality and increased productivity to remain sustainable this is a strong focus not just for our business but for the industry as  a whole.


We have consistently run research and development programs over the years including machine development for the industry but also out of traditional season pruning techniques that are now seen as common practice within the dried fruit industry. 

Here are some examples of our trials so far:-

  • Bud removal at early growth stage to reduce pruning workload, and increase bud burst potential in the areas preferred for an increased yield.

  • Cordon bunch removal - Spraying of Cal Nitrate at the early fruit set stage of the vine is used within the industry and removes unwanted fruit outside the picking zone of the mechanical harvester.  This maximises nutrients and resources into the required fruit zones and improves vine health, often increasing bud sites and increasing crop potential but decreasing the need for crown picking which can be labour intensive and also risks contaminating fruit bins with green berries.

  • Machinery design specific for Swing Arm trellis systems, maximising mechanisation potential and reducing contaminants with the fruit samples going to the processing plants.

Trigg Industries is an active contributor to the district's dried fruit research and shares this information via field walks, grower events and field days bringing local farmers to our properties to share the knowledge gained over each season.

Further dried vine fruit industry information is available at Dried Fruits Australia and Australian Premium Dried Fruit's websites or the various facebook pages of our farming and business partners.  We take great pride in knowing that a large sector of this regions dried fruit growers rely on Trigg Industries for pre- harvest and harvesting services, giving Australia and overseas markets the clean, golden fruit our region is renowned for.

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